Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung Meeting Today to Discuss Patent Issues

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Following final month’s announcement that Apple and Samsung had agreed to high-level talks involving the two companies’ CEOs in an try to resolve ongoing patent litigation, Reuters supplies a preview of the session set to start today in San Francisco. The talks, which will be mediated by a federal judge, are scheduled to take spot more than the subsequent two days.

Commenting just before his departure to the United States for the talks, Samsung mobile division chief JK Shin noted that whilst important differences between Apple and Samsung still exist, a number of “negotiation choices” stay on the table.

“There is nevertheless a massive gap in the patent war with Apple,” JK Shin mentioned, ahead of departing for the United States for the mediation talks. “But we nevertheless have many negotiation possibilities.”

Court documents show the two companies have had at least one particular mediation session, although it is not clear if Cook and Choi were involved.

Legal authorities are not optimistic that the two firms will reach a settlement, but with courts increasingly pushing firms to seek option dispute resolution processes in hopes of staving off drawn-out court battles, Apple and Samsung have agreed to participate in the talks.

Samsung is just a single of Apple’s principal targets in its patent battles with Android-based hardware manufacturers. In yet another situation, Apple succeeded in slowing U.S. imports of a number of HTC smartphones earlier this month, forcing the business to delay the launch of the Evo 4G LTE on Sprint despite the fact that HTC has indicated that some shipments of some models are becoming released by U.S. Customs.

But while Apple’s disputes with a number of Android device producers center on functionality of the devices, the company’s dispute with Samsung extends further to claims that Samsung has “chosen to slavishly copy” the design of Apple’s items with its own line of Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

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