Technically Impressive ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops 3′ Will Institute A New ‘Black Friday’ With November 6 Launch

The next installment in the Call of Duty series now has an official launch date: November 6. It’s a rather interesting date because November 6 is actually on a Friday, which is more typical of a new movie release than the usual Tuesday that is more common for new music and video game releases. Regardless of its launch date, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as well as PC. There’s no word yet on when gamers still rocking a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will have the honor of picking up the game, but that information will come in due time.

It should also be noted that eager gamers will also be able to gain access to a beta of Black Ops 3 ahead of its launch. However, you will have to pre-order the game in order to access the beta.

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Apple Watch Impacts iPhone Battery Life… One Way or the Other

With the launch of the Apple Watch on Friday, the first wave of consumers have received their Apple Watches. Our forums are abuzz with activity surrounding Apple’s newest device. While there were initial concerns about the Apple Watch’s battery life, reports seem to indicate that the Apple Watch, itself, has no problem lasting a full day.

However, there have been mixed reports about the impact the Apple Watch has on iPhone battery life. The Apple Watch needs to be paired to an iPhone for full functionality. The iPhone connects to the Apple Watch via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to feed it data and notifications throughout the day.

Some users have found a notable improvement in iPhone battery life with the addition of an Apple Watch. This suggests the act of offloading notifications and quick interactions to your Apple Watch, could make your iPhone battery last much longer.

However, several other users have noticed a significant drain on their iPhone batteries in early usage with the Apple Watch.

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Why Groupon refused to pay a security researcher who discovered serious XSS bugs

Groupon Security

It’s very common these days for tech companies Google and Microsoft to offer hackers and security researchers big bucks if they’re able to find security vulnerabilities that could pose serious threats to important software and services. Google in particular often hosts its own hacking competition where the search giant puts millions of dollars on the line for anyone savvy enough to skirt around Google’s built-in security schemes.

Recently, one security researcher found a number of high-level vulnerabilities on Groupon’s website. Groupon promptly patched the security holes but, as it turns out, is refusing to pay him.

Here’s why.

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The PC Gamer: Why the VR waiting game is great for those who dare to dream

The PC Gamer: Why the VR waiting game is great for those who dare to dream


How’s that Steam Machine under your TV doing? The wait for virtual reality to become the future is proving quite torturous really, especially since it’s already been 25 years.

And it’s been delayed once again, with the Oculus Rift looking like it’s even further away than we thought.

Maybe it’ll scrape in this year, but don’t put money on it. As for the competition, yes, the HTC Vive is still scheduled for a few months time, but… well, two words: Valve Time.

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Comcast and TWC lit $32 million on fire lobbying the government to pass their merger

Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger Lobbying

This will be heartbreaking for many of you to hear, but it seems that Comcast and Time Warner Cable spent a total of $ 32 million lobbying the government to sign off on their merger and they still didn’t get what they wanted. In a big Politico report called “Collapse of Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger shows limits of lobbying,” we learn that Comcast and TWC pulled out all the stops to get their merger approved but that it still wasn’t enough.

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In Depth: The new space race: who’s who in the realm of space exploration

In Depth: The new space race: who's who in the realm of space exploration

Turning to the private sector

It’s been nearly 50 years since Star Trek first referred to space as "the final frontier," and the passing decades have done little to diminish interest in traveling to this expansive (and very expensive) destination.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (better known as NASA) made headlines back in 2011 with the decision to retire its space shuttle fleet, laying the groundwork for companies with no government ties to throw their hat into the galactic ring.

While NASA has set its sights on bigger targets such as travel to the planet Mars, privately funded firms are busy planning and testing new rockets and even complete space stations, all in the hopes of dodging political and economic setbacks that have plagued government organizations for decades.

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