Microsoft Responds To Backlash, Allows Windows 10 Home Users To Disable Forced App Updates

Microsoft hasn’t just come under fire with regards to privacy in Windows 10; it has also taken flak for new policy shifts in the operating system regarding updates. Microsoft first irked Windows 10 Home users when it was revealed that customers couldn’t opt-out of Windows Updates (including OS updates and hardware drivers) — the operating system downloads and installs the updates on its own terms. This policy lead to “reboot hell” for some early adopters of Windows 10.

Microsoft next ticked off users — although to a lesser extent — with forced Windows Store app updates for Windows Home users. Although we understand Microsoft’s intentions with both policies (namely to aid in quickly getting critical software fixes and security updates to consumers), many see this as taking more control away from the user.

Windows 10

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MOVIE WEEK: THX: High frame rates will become standard in movies

MOVIE WEEK: THX: High frame rates will become standard in movies

THX on high frame rates

This year marks another significant step in moviemaking – the release of The Hobbit marks the first time a major movie has been shot in 48fps.

This high frame rate is being pipped by directors such as Peter Jackson and James Cameron as the future of filmmaking, and there’s even talk of pushing the speed of frames even higher to 60fpr.

These higher speeds are said to complement 3D, smoothing out the picture and enhances the effect. But there has been criticism that it makes movies look too real – which isn’t great when you are trying to depict a fantasy world and it ends up looking like a kitchen sink is a Mike Lee movie.

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Did Jimmy Kimmel secretly make fun of Jimmy Fallon this week?

Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel

NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has been a ratings success ever since it debuted back in February 2014. In fact, there are some weeks when Fallon’s ratings are higher than competing late night talk shows on ABC and CBS combined.

Say what you will about Fallon, but the former SNL star has expertly created a more whimsical take on the traditional late night talk show to great success. Whether it’s lip sync battling with Michelle Obama, putting together a near-perfect Saved by the Bell reunion, or partaking in any number of ridiculous games with celebrities, Fallon’s show is seemingly a viral video making machine.

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Apple TV Said to Have Motion Sensitive Remote Control Targeted at Casual Gamers

appletvremoteIn a report corroborating several oft-rumored features of the next-generation Apple TV, including an A8 chip and a native SDK for creating apps, TechCrunch editor-in-chief Matthew Panzarino has revealed that the set-top box will also have a motion sensitive remote control with multi-axis sensors, a touchpad on the top, physical buttons on the bottom and a microphone for Siri.

Panzarino claims the redesigned remote control will likely be targeted at casual gamers:

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Sprint Nips At AT&T’s Heels With ‘Free’ Year Of Service For DirecTV Subscribers

It appears that AT&T isn’t the only wireless company celebrating its acquisition of satellite TV provider DirecTV. Earlier this month, AT&T courted DirecTV customers currently attached to other wireless carriers with the promise of up to $ 500 in account credits if they signed up for wireless service.

Sprint, now finding itself in last place among the “big four” U.S. wireless carriers, is also looking to exploit the “odd couple” pairing of AT&T and DirecTV. Sprint is promoting a one-time offer that gives DirecTV customers that switch to Sprint a full year of service for free. That’s right folks, Sprint is digging down deep into its reserves to reclaim third place from T-Mobile.

Of course, there are more than a few strings attached if you choose to switch to Sprint (in addition to Sprint’s less than stellar nationwide coverage). For starters, you have to both be a current DirecTV customer and add a new line of service using Sprint Lease, iPhone Forever, Sprint Easy Pay. You can also take advantage of the promo if you are a DirecTV customer and a current Sprint customer when adding a new line of service.

sprint to you

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Watch the first gameplay footage from Cliff Bleszinski’s new game LawBreakers

LawBreakers Gameplay Video

After months of hints, teasers and newsletters, we finally got a first look at LawBreakers, the new game from Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski. LawBreakers is a free-to-play, multiplayer online FPS for PC with several classes to choose from as players take part in five-on-five battles in a universe where gravity isn’t much of a concern.

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