Dating advice? How’s that for an extended response to a question that is long? Leave a comment

Dating advice? How’s that for an extended response to a question that is long?

I need to confess i am really bashful, also simply growing up in the us, We have a few normal buddies that are girls while the only intimate experience We’ve had with girls are ones kind sufficient and helpful enough to ask me out. Otherwise i might do not have had a gf. 🙁

Thus I’m in Korea for at the least a 12 months on exchange research, and I also’d love to take to developing a relationship with among the regional girls from either the college, church, or simply just introductions via buddies.

General question: exactly what are the do’s and dont’s of asking a lady out? Exactly how many ‘dates’ at the very least could possibly be considered sufficient to ask ‘the question’?

Certain concern: If anybody understands, exactly just what do Korean girls in specific search for? I need to add that i have seen a great deal of exceedingly breathtaking girls that are korean Seoul. with well. not too appealing dudes. Quite definitely unlike almost just about any nation i have been to! What exactly is it?

As well as girls as a whole: state if a man continues sufficient dates with a lady, in which he are at least typical searching, but is courteous, sort, and a general nice person. will many girls be prepared to accept him asking her become their gf (only if away from courtesy and also to maybe not harm the man’s emotions?)

Sorry it’s quite long, but i recently desired to hear your advice!

13 Answers

Hey i am a Korean woman 🙂 I became created and raised in the us, but we come from a conventional family. Both my moms and dads come from Korea and my loved ones is 100% Korean. My grand-parents have actually resided in Korea almost all their everyday lives, and I also see them every summer time for the a short while.

Anyhow, to resolve your concerns.

Korean girls, specially the ones that really reside in Korea/have invested a substantial level of their life in Korea, prefer to just take things gradually. They don’t really hurry right into a relationship, so when they truly are in a single, they just just take things at a pace that is slow. In US tradition, kissing is one thing that comes naturally to any or all partners after only a dates that are few. In Korea, but, kissing is similar to *OMG*. No matter if it is simply in the cheeks, it really is a big thing. A kiss regarding the forehead sometimes appears as extremely romantic and significant. This is exactly why in Korean dramas (that I love!), it is pretty unusual to look at figures showing any style of real contact (unless it really is like punching somebody, haha), significantly less kissing. In reality, in Korean dramas, some guy putting their supply around a lady is huge.

Generally there’s one “don’t” for you personally: don’t hurry right into a relationship by having a Korean woman that is totally Asian-Korean, so when you’re in a relationship, simply take things veryyy slowly/whatever speed she actually is more comfortable with. You need to arrive at the stage where you two are some-what/very good friends her out before you even ask. When you’ve officially become a couple of (yay), go on 2-3 times before keeping her hand/putting your arm around her arms. Just after many others dates (7-10) should you kiss her. Keep it be minded by in addition actually is based on the person.

That has to suggest a “do” is: get started with little talk in some places. Introduce yourself (foreign folks are extremely exotic), explain why you are in Korea/where you will be from, ask her for directions/ask her to assist you with one thing, etc. even though it’s some times real that individuals prefer to talk they feel are nosy about themselves, Korean people in general have a thing against people. Do not ask her concerns like “Where would you live?”, ” just just How old are you?”, ” just what is family history like?” because she will put her guard up. Because you’re the foreigner, talk more they aren’t negative though about yourself, like how things are in the US and your opinion on the things you’ve experienced in Korea (make sure! Just bring within the things you *like*, and just if she asks should you point out things you are not too keen on in Korea). Allow her to become familiar with both you and allow her to note that you are not some creep. Become close friends with her. This might just take a little while, but it is one thing you need to be ready to do.

Korean girls have a tendency to seriously take appearance very whenever determining if they’re thinking about a man or not. You ought to have hygiene that is good certain. They like some guy that is high (or taller than them anyhow). I believe international guys as a whole appearance appealing for them anyhow, so even though you are not such as the many handsome man in the united states, you will nevertheless be seen as good-looking in Korea. Oh and simply yet another thing about appearances, as opposed to popular belief in the States, glasses are not a turn-off for Korean girls. In fact, when you yourself have a couple of those modern-looking glasses that are framed use them! They are able to make some guy look extremely intelligent and sexy. (But needless to say, do not panic for those who have perfect vision. Dudes that do not wear spectacles are equally great, haha.)

After appearances comes personality. Personality has also an impact that is huge their choice, brain you. They like some guy this is certainly charismatic, funny, smart (doesn’t always have to become a complete genius, but some guy that understands what the conversation is approximately and it is in a position to donate to it), and above other things, thoughtful. Korean girls (and I also’m certain most/all girls!) love a man that may drop every thing to aid her cope with a tough some time is conscious of her emotions. They even want to cuddle, hug, and other items that produce them feel protected by the existence.

A Korean woman’s “dream man” can be depicted within the dramas. You can watch some cute Korean dramas (not the action/horror/scary ones if you want to. ) and concentrate as to how the guy that is main functions, dresses, treats your ex, etc. I would recommend viewing “Boys over plants”. For the drama, do not worry a lot of regarding how the inventors gown (they are all guys that are incredibly rich/famous the drama), but alternatively the way they treat the lady and exactly how your ex reacts and responds to just exactly exactly how she actually is being addressed. (Moreover it is certainly one of my favorite dramas, hehe.)

First and foremost, bear in mind that you must not alter who you are for a woman, irrespective of where on earth you meet her. Keep real to your values, but never hesitate to master to understand other countries’ values.

Wow, a lot was typed by me. How’s that for an extended reply to an extended question?

Edit: merely to touch upon “Sore Bakka”‘s remark from the faith thing. that is false. Many Koreans are Buddhist or Christian. But that is perhaps not the # 1 thing they will be taking a look at. Needless to say, if faith becomes issue involving the both of you, you should reconsider your relationship, but apart from that, it mustn’t be an excessive amount of a concern. Just aren’t getting too spiritual right in front of her towards the degree that she seems forced into transforming.

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