Today is the last day GameStop is accepting Gamecube trade-ins

Screen Shot 2012 03 26 at 11.02.56 AM 580x217 Today is the last day GameStop is accepting Gamecube trade ins

If you nonetheless have a Nintendo GameCube in your entertainment cabinet and it is undertaking absolutely nothing but collecting dust, know this: as of April 2, 2012 GameStop will no extended accept GameCube trade-ins. That means that today is that last day that you will be able to get cash or GameStop credit for your indigo GameCube, grimy WaveBird controller, Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox: Assault, Metroid Prime, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, or Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer.

I known as up my local GameStop to check on the value and was told that they are providing $ 7 for a GameCube if you want credit, otherwise it is $ 5.60 in cash. They couldn’t discover any record for Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, regardless of its solid MetaCritic score of 80 (back in September 2002), so I have no concept what that is worth. The representative confirmed that April 1st is the final day that GameCube and related goods will be eligible for trade-in.

So round up all that GameCube gear, all these games, these beat up controllers, do not forget the miscellaneous chargers and such, and you’ll get a couple of bucks right on the spot. You’ll be able to purchase a quarter of Mass Impact 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, or whatever it is that you have your eye on these days.

Hold in mind that you’ll possibly be in a position to get a few a lot more dollars if you go with eBay for the sale. Although you will not get cash-in-hand, you’ll be rewarded for anything rare/sealed you nonetheless have, you know, Resident Evil 4 Collector’s Edition, Pokemon Box Ruby &amp Sapphire, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, or Phantasy Star On-line Episode 1 &amp two.

Nintendo’s GameCube, which followed up the venerable N64, was released in the United States in November 2001. That means that GameStop is taking in gear and games that are practically 11 years old. Which brings me to the query: What are they doing with that stuff? Selling it to collectors/repair shops? Sending it to countries where our old games are still valued? Just throwing it in the trash, right after luring us into the store with what is properly a $ 7 off coupon? Any person have any notion?

[Note: This is not an April Fools' Day joke.]

Gamestop, through Joystiq