Steelie Mobile Device Holder: Perfect Kitchen Stand for iPad

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January 6th, 2012
by: Range

If you’re like me, you possibly drag your iPad or tablet about pretty considerably everywhere you go. That consists of the kitchen (and the bathroom.) The Steelie Mobile Device Holder looks like a perfect way of checking on recipes while you’re making your subsequent gourmet dinner.

Steelie Mobile Device Holder 01

Steelie was crated by Frank Vogel and Paul Turner. The great factor about Steelie is that it allows you to easily tilt your tablet to just the appropriate angle. It essentially reminds me of one of those cook book stands. It has a magnetic socket, which attaches to the back of your tablet, and snaps simply onto the tabletop ball head stand.

Steelie Mobile Device Holder 03

You can also use the magnet to attach your tablet to any steel or other magnet-compatible surface, which includes a lot of refrigerators.

They also make a smaller version for smartphones, which appear like would work nicely for dashboards or desktop surfaces.

steelie phone ball mount

The Steelie magnet adheres to the back of your device with a strong adhesive pad, as does the smaller ball mount for phones. It’s unclear, although if the tabletop stand holds in location below its own weight or if it ought to be glued down as nicely. Also, you will want to make positive you maintain the powerful magnet away from credit cards and difficult drives, so don’t dare try employing 1 on an older challenging-drive based media player.

The tablet version, with each the Steelie magnet and tabletop stand sells for $ 60(USD) whilst the smaller version for phones sells for $ 30.

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