Devil May Cry Rebellion Sword Replica Too Heavy for a Million Stab Combo

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April 10th, 2012
by: Technabob

Fans of the Devil May possibly Cry series will instantly recognize this enormous and lovely sword as Dante’s Rebellion. Yeah, I know that is not Dante holding it – the hair cut and color is all wrong. It is metalsmith Michael Craughwell (aka “MichaelCthulhu,”) who in his own words basically says “Giant swords are kinda my factor.”

devil may cry rebellion sword

You got that correct, Mike. From the looks of this amazing factor, you’ve undoubtedly got the giant sword thing down. It’s created from steel and weighs in at a whopping 33.5 pounds, so you will definitely require some upper physique strength if you strategy on wielding this factor in battle. The only factor missing is the glowing red eyes for the skull. But a couple of LEDs and a battery really should take care of that, proper?

devil may cry rebellion sword 2

Want proof that it is created out of metal? Watch this video clip and see how shiny the steel remains following a bath in 1000 degree fire. It also proves the sword doesn’t glow like Dante’s. He’d have to get the heat up to 2000+ degrees to make it do that.

If you’d like one particular for yourself, Michael will make you your very own Rebellion sword for $ 850(USD). The build takes about two months from the time you location your order. But even if you don’t acquire one, be positive to check out the pictures of this incredible develop right here.