Cyborgs could soon walk the earth, hopes a Russian billionaire

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Immortality has been on our mind since quite a while now and the comic books and other pieces of fiction we’ve been subjected to off-late aren’t helping us stop thinking of a life that never ends. After all, not everyone fancies being lowered 6-feet-below, well, at least not this Russian billionaire! Dmitry Itskov seems to have taken a fancy for The Terminator franchise and has been pushing forward a project that could turn us all immortal, using cyborgs, by the year 2045. The concept ‘simply’ requires human-beings to merge with technology and be one with machines.


Itskov envisions humans controlling human-like robots with a brain-machine interface in the near future. Later on, he hopes that a person’s brain can literally be transplanted into a robot after the bodily death of a person. This will blend the human being’s characteristics with the robotic body, giving rise to a full-fledged cyborg that could walk the earth a few decades from now. Of course if what Itskov plans does move forward and everything turns wrong, the world will be taken over by evil cyborgs, just the way science fiction has predicted several times before.


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