Cute Bluetooth Speaker Doubles as a Kitchen Stand

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iLuv’s Mo’Beats may well be the best kitchen speaker

Here’s a Bluetooth speaker I can get behind. Or rather, get in front of. It’s the Mo’Beats speaker from iLuv, and it may possibly just be the handiest portable speaker your house has ever seen.

Like every single other portable speaker, the Mo’Beats connects by way of Bluetooth, runs off a rechargeable li-ion battery and has a pair of stereo speakers in one unit–in this case, they fire from the ends of the nearly-cylindrical body.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, the Mo’Beats has both a ridiculous name and a spot to maintain your music player of option. The lipped slot at the front is clearly developed to prop up an iPad in portrait or landscape orientations, but any slim telephone or tablet should fit. And due to the fact it doesn’t use a 30-pin dock connector, they will all operate just fine (you can also use three.5mm jack).

I alternate among a JamBox and a Supertooth Disco in the kitchen. The former is modest and can sit on a spice shelf. The second is loud sufficient to hear over frying navajas and has its own play/pause button for when the Lady interrupts my podcast-listening bliss. But neither has a location to prop the iPad out of harm’s way.

Now, at $ 100, I do not feel the Mo’Beats will sound even as very good as the small JamBox, but for its household based gadget-stowing skills, it may well just be the winner.

Obtainable soon.

Mo’Beats product page [iLuv. Thanks, Melissa!]

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