Bouncers Using Facebook as Form of Identification

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May possibly 7th, 2012
by: Conner Flynn

It employed to be when you wanted to go to the bar or a club, you just needed a drivers license or other ID that you could show them to make sure you are not beneath age. Properly, now a new form of identification is being utilized at some clubs. Apparently some bouncers at the entrance of night clubs are asking to see Facebook profiles.
facebook id

This is carried out to make confident that you are who you say you are on your driver’s license. I guess that is very good because lots of children have fake IDs these days. Of course some people see this as an invasion of privacy.

You can not blame the establishments. They have to spend heavy fines if an underaged customer is located inside. Men and women will no doubt just begin to lie about their age on Facebook anyway, so what does this actually achieve? What do you guys feel?

[via BBC via Ubergizmo]

(Facebook ID photo: Tobias Leingruber)