Amazon launches organic, eco-friendly site subsidiary Quidsi has unveiled a new niche site designed at the eco-friendly community. promises a sweeping inventory of organic food and household items made of natural or sustainable products.

The hope is that it will be able to dominate this space in the e-commerce world, which is a pretty feasible task since there are no incredibly vast competitors in that arena. is perhaps its largest rival. It also deals exclusively in eco-friendly products and rakes in more than $ 1 million per month.

With the resources available as an Amazon-owned company, though, could rise above and become the new defined name for the consumer who absolutely positively needs to live a green lifestyle.

Even though is owned by Amazon, though, you won’t find any such labeling on the site. It has its own account registration, its own loyalty program, and its transaction platform. It does, however, advertise the other sites owned by Quidsi — like and

Quidsi was acquired by Amazon in 2010, because of course Amazon wasn’t already enough of a power player in the e-commerce world. The strategy since then, however, has been to continue to operate it as though it is a separate entity.

Unlike Amazon, Quidsi uses a lot of traditional old-school outreach initiatives, including TV advertising and seemingly archaic direct mail campaigns. Expect to start seeing similar marketing efforts for within the next year or so.

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