Alien Facehugger Skeleton Made from Real Bones

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March 9th, 2013
by: Technabob

As if the facehugger from Alien wasn’t creepy enough, one artist has decided to go out and make himself a Facehugger skeleton. But this thing isn’t just a sculpture, it’s made from actual animal bones.

facehugger sculpture

Artist Tim Prince of Forgotten Boneyard created this Alien-inspired piece entitled Parasitoid using the bones of a box turtle, mink, wild turkey, coyote, skunk and a mouse. Eeesh. From all of the different genetic material this thing has assimilated, you might say it was equally inspired by The Thing.

If you’re into freaking people out, you can put this creeptastic thing in your home for $ 1000(USD). Me? I’d rather sleep at night and not worry about this thing jamming its proboscis down my throat so it can implant an alien embryo in my stomach.


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